5 FAQs on Drywall Damage

drywall damage

Drywall is something that is present in each of our homes. They are one of the most common construction materials available in the market and installed in houses. This means that they would also have normal wear and tear that needs to be taken care of otherwise not only will your house not look beautiful, but it can also affect the health of the house as well. So, if you happen to see any drywall damage anywhere in the house, of any nature, you should take prompt action and make sure that corrective decisions are taken in time.

There is no substitute for a professional service provider when it comes to fixing drywall damage repair. You should not take this entire process easy. rather this process should be given due importance.

And it is also understandable that if you are looking for professional service providers from are you will certainly have some questions that you need to be answered before you award them the contract. Underneath you will find some frequently asked questions and their answers. I hope that these questions and the answers will help you make the right decision at the right time.

Q#1 What are the common causes of drywall damage?

Given that drive walls are so popular in houses, there can be multiple factors that might be contributing to the drywall damage.

Water leaks:

Almost all the plumbing lines in our houses are underground or run through the walls. water is a very detrimental element because if it is not managed properly it can wreak havoc throughout your house. so if any of the plumbing lines in your house breaks for any reason, it can cause a huge set of damage to your drywall.

And don’t worry, you will identify this problem very early on which helps since you will have ample time to respond. A certain kind of dampness will start to develop in the room where there is a leak And also dark patches will develop on the drywall where the water is concentrated and where the water is leaking.

Mechanical impact:

Though drywalls are extremely popular, they are also very precarious when it comes to their strength. They can break due to huge blows to them.

So another common reason for drywall damage can offer a huge impact that the wall might have sustained. This could be the door may have impacted on the wall or even a person could have imported on the wall could have sustained damage.

Q#2 How do you repair damaged drywall?

The process for correcting drywall damage is fairly simple. 

  1. The first step happens to be that you should remove the damaged drywall. Remember to only cut out the damaged part.
  2. Now create a drywall Patch Of the same size you have cut out the drywall.
  3. Use some kind of adhesive to install the Patch
  4. The last part is to sand the new Patch and paint the entire wall.

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Q#3 Is it better to repair or replace drywall?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Cause this happens to be a situational question. This means that for some situations repairing the wall is the best case forward and for other scenarios replacing the drywall due to drywall damage is the way to go.

Which circumstances compel drywall replacement?

  1. If there is rampant drywall damage in the form of water leaks, Then a replacement is the answer.
  2. If there are holes and other kinds of damage throughout the wall, this also warrants replacement. 
  3. Cracks throughout the wall also mean that you need to replace the entire wall altogether.

All other scenarios do not warrant an entire replacement on account of drywall damage. For all of these situations, you can simply repair these spots on the drywall.

Moreover, if you lack knowledge about drywall damage, it is always recommended to seek advice and help from drywall repair contractors.

Q#4 How do you fix crumbling drywall?

There is no one definitive reason that your drywall is crumbling and is not in the best shape. In fact, it can be a combination of reasons or one single reason that has contributed to this predicament.

Humidity problems:

One of the reasons for crumbling drywall happens to be excessive humidity in the drywall and the surrounding region. The first step in correcting this drywall damage is to remove humidity from the surrounding region. You can use the humidifiers and make sure that the entire space is ventilated very well. In order to dehumidify the drywall itself, you can use chalk to absorb as much water as possible from the surface of the drywall. This step will surely correct the drywall damage.

Flooding aftermath:

This also means that the water must have seeped into the drywall and due to that the wall is not in the best shape. Well, the most ideal thing to do is that you should have water damage inspectors and restoration companies at your place who will fix this issue for you in no time. However, in the meantime the professionals reach your location, one thing that you can do the meantime is to make the room where the drywall is located as airy As possible. One thing that you need to remember is that the air should be warm and dry.

Q#5 What does drywall damage repair cost?

While there is not a single figure that can be quoted as the cost to repair drywall damage because each damage repair is different from another. Secondly, it depends upon the way you are getting the repair done. If you are getting the repair done by yourself then the only cost you are going to incur is material cost. However, if you are using a professional service there will be additional charges.

However, on average if you do use a professional service, the price range can be between $300 to $800. However, there are some service providers who do not charge lump sum money but rather go by the hour or by the square foot. The rates that are prevalent in the market for these two metrics are 60 to $90.00 per hour and 50 to $75 per square foot.

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