Exterior House Paint Ideas:10 Forever Trending Exterior House Colors

trending exterior house colors

The majority of the homeowners give a lot of attention while choosing a color for their house's exterior. They want to have the best exterior house paint ideas to make their home look stylish. Your house's exterior is the very first thing people notice when they enter your residence.

Though, choosing colors for the exterior of your home can be challenging enough. To help you out, we have written down ten exterior house paint ideas.

10 Exterior House Paint Ideas: Colors That Will Never Get Outdated!

#1 Gentle Grays

For many years, intense charcoals have been a popular exterior paint choice. If you are looking for some evergreen exterior house paint ideas, then charcoal is best for you. It isn't fading away anytime soon. Though, inkier blue-grey colors are beginning to overpower the grey paint trend. But we're also predicting to see a retrieval to softer grey shades. Soft greys give a stunning look when we pair them with white tone trim.

For a secondary tone that pops, select from soft colors like these:

  • Warm gold
  • Burnt orange
  • Mustard

#2 Greige And Teal

Greig and teal are on the top of the exterior house paint ideas. Greige with a shade of teal on your door and rural natural with stone tones is the right choice for you. It will put on a modern twist for your traditional home. 

#3 Wooden Brown with Stone Grey and Dark Grey

Yes, all these colors that we picked here are the materials that people use to make houses. These are wood, cement, and stone. It wouldn't be false to say that, at first, we are also attracted to the materials. Though, there's no doubt that this is a perfect color combination. You can get this with the help of good quality exterior wall paints.

These three shades give a classic look to a well-built, modern house. Moreover, it's satisfying for those who like to play it elegantly and safely. If you are looking for modern exterior house paint ideas, this one is best for you.

#4 Beige

If you want to be neutral, beige is perfect for your exterior home color. You can pair it with white tones along with front doors and shutters for a neat look. It's a color that is not going to go out of style. Also, it is more advisable for you if you're planning to sell your house.

Though, if you'd prefer to add some color to your house's exterior, red makes a good accent color for your railings, front door, and more.

#5 Forest Green

Blended dark green with dark accents gives a different look to any space. Ensure that you give time to comparing forest and olive green because it gets a bit darker. You'll require to correlate trim colors, too, to get the perfect match. Because if you look at the exterior house paint ideas, it is getting more and more famous. You can choose dark, deep colors for a bold exterior look.

#6 Peach, Rose & Beige Exterior

Suppose you are struggling to select the perfect trending exterior house colors, this one for you. We love this mix of soft colors for a house's exterior.

  • Soft pastel colors create a welcoming feel that is just about warmth.
  • Design Shrimp Boat with ample orange colors to make the house's features pop without overwhelming the people.
  • Madagascar Pink is an excellent accompaniment on the flower boxes and doors as it gives just sufficient contrast.

#7 Ethereal Pink

Charming pinks are not restricted to the interiors anymore. Besides, they are on the top of exterior house paint ideas. Plus, they give beautiful looks and give 'Aww' moments to the viewers. You can either select the somber hue or a dazzling pink. You can pair the shades of pink with grey/mauve or off-white details to make a luxury exterior wall paint.

#8 Black

With the outbreak of minimalist modern styles, coatings of black are in trending exterior house colors. Blacks pair nicely with wood and brick. Also, it will work for both significant exterior home paint colors and greys for accents.

#9 Classic White

White never goes out of trending exterior house colors for many reasons. It is not complicated to apply and gives your house a feeling of grace. Also, White gives your home a cleaner and brighter look. However, it might need more frequent maintenance than some darker shades.

#10 Orange with Grey

Grey looks like a great choice. Grey is always on the top of trending exterior house colors. And getting it isn't only meant to highlight some portions of the home. You can make it the primary exterior color. You can pair grey with orange. By doing so, it will easily balance the industrial-cum-traditional look.


Selecting the perfect paint can be a challenging task. Of course, you can ensure that you'll be a trend for present year trending exterior house colors if you select anything from this list. Also, it's about choosing the color that matches your design sense. Moreover, it should create the look that you desire for your house.

Lastly, for the best look that you want for your house, you need to hire professionals. You can't do it perfectly as compared to them. You should hire residential painting services for your exterior house painting.

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