How to Deal with 6 Hardwood Flooring Problems?

Hardwood Flooring Problems

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring types among homeowners. It adds a classic and charming look to the entire home. If the hardwood flooring is installed properly, it can last as long as a house. There are hundreds of reasons to love hardwood flooring. Countless homeowners are turning to this flooring type due to the curb appeal it provides to the home. Besides, it uplifts the value of the home by adding hardwood flooring.

However, this curb appealing flooring type comes up with several problems that should be dealt with at the right time. You can easily deal with the hardwood flooring problems just with a little care and maintenance. Knowing what leads to the problems will help you deal with them. 

We have explained the top 6 problems which can occur to your hardwood floors. In this post, you will find the problems, reason, and how you can resolve these hardwood flooring problems. Continue reading to make the most of this post.

What Causes Wood Flooring Problems?

Moisture is what causes all the problems with hardwood flooring. Wood is made up of porous, hygroscopic cells which are capable of absorbing moisture. Hardwood flooring is affected by this moisture. If it is exposed to moisture from groundwater, plumbing, or leaks, it will absorb moisture causing it to expand. 

Wood usually contracts and expands depending on the environment it is exposed to. It can expand during warm and humid months. Similarly, it will contract in dry and cold weather. Abrupt contraction and expansion of wood can cause hardwood flooring problems. 

Common Problems Associated with Hardwood Flooring

Moisture, expansion, and contraction can cause several problems to the hardwood floors. Here are the most common problems that you might face. 

1- Abnormal Gaps

Hardwood floors are prone to movement. Unusual gaps in the floor can take away the appeal of the floor. If the floorboards are installed properly, they can hold each other during the year's humid and try times. These hardwood flooring gaps are usually caused at the spots where they experience different moisture conditions due to the heating or cooling ducts. 

2- Cupping

When there is imbalance moisture in the wood, it causes the floorboards to curve with the edges being higher than the center. It is one of the most common hardwood flooring problems faced by many. The moisture can cause cupping under the floors that cause the floors to expand. It can also be caused if the flooring is installed over the wet subfloor. 

3- Buckling

Buckling is the extreme form of cupping. It usually occurs after a flood or a huge moisture difference between the floors and subfloors at the time of installation. The hardwood flooring will expand to the extent where the floorboards will pull away from the subfloors. It can only be dealt with by availing the flooring services and getting it reinstalled. 

4- Peeling Finish

If you have contaminated hardwood flooring, it will not last longer and won't hold the finish. Chemicals, dirt, and dust embedded in the floor finish can cause it to flake or peel off. Besides, improper installation and finishing can also cause it to peel. If the stain residue is not cleaned before applying the finish will also lead to peeling. 

5- Squeaky Floors

When the hardwood floors are exposed to constant expansion and contraction, it is prone to loosen the nails. It can be caused when an inadequate room is left between the floor and the subfloor. When you walk on the floor, the floorboards will move down the nail shaft, and they rub against the floorings causing it to squeak. 

6- Stains

Stains are another hardwood flooring problem that several homeowners face. Again, moisture is the biggest culprit of this. Leaks, plumbing, or underground water can lead to stains on the hardwood floors. However, slips and pets are also the reason behind the stains on the floors. Getting flooring services offered by a top-notch flooring company can help you get rid of this problem. 

How to Deal with The Problems?

Hardwood flooring problems are not hard to deal with. Just with a little precaution while installing and maintenance after installation can help you deal with the issues before being too big to be cured. Measuring the moisture content of both the flooring and subflooring can help you prevent the flooring problems. It will let you ensure that flooring is properly adapted before installing it. There are several measures that could be taken before installing hardwood flooring. However, the tolerances which should be met before installation depends on several factors, including board width, flooring species, etc. 

You can add waterproof subfloors before installing hardwood flooring to prevent the damage. Besides, consult a manufacturer to get proper guidance about the hardwood flooring. Ask him about the ideal content for the flooring system. Get instructions on installing the flooring to leave enough roof for the expansion and contraction during cold and warm times of the year. It is always better to get everything repaired at the right time instead of replacing it. Replacing flooring is costly, and nobody wants to deal with that.

Moreover, you can use a moisture meter to measure the right moisture content to install the hardwood flooring. Make sure to get it installed when it has the right moisture content. However, homes do not usually have an ideal humidity level. You will need to determine the expected temperature and humidity range to get the floors installed. Hire a top-notch flooring contractor to get the floors installed and enjoy them for a long time. 

Bottom Line

Hardwood floors are the center of attraction for most homeowners. This flooring type is perfect for providing curb appeal to the home instantly increases its value. However, it requires constant care, and it needs to be properly installed to avoid the problems associated with it. A little precaution while installation and proper maintenance after installation will help you keep it for a long time. Avail of the supreme quality installation services by hiring experienced and reliable flooring contractors. 

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