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There are many local garage door installers working in San Jose CA for a long time now. So, choosing the best option for you among all these licensed local garage door installers in San Jose CA which satisfies your needs in the best way can be a tough task. But no need to worry anymore when we have crafted this list of best automatic garage door installers in San Jose CA for you which you can trust on the basis of professionalism, efficiency, up to the minute skills, state of the art techniques, professional-grade tools, customized plans, reasonable pricings, personalized solutions, qualified & experienced staff, maximum possible level of customer satisfaction, in-field experience, dedicated & licensed consultants, swiftness, and good reputation. Now, wait no more & make your wise decision now!

Pro Line Garage Doors

Pro Line Garage Doors

  • (408) 916-4218
  • 612 Jim Drive, San Jose, California, United States
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Review by Adrian Thornton in USA
Our automatic garage door opener broke down after years of installation. David responded the same day of my phone call and quickly installed a replacement. The new opener is much quieter than the old one and works properly. He is friendly, efficient, and cleaned up thoroughly. Easy to see why he gets 5 stars from all his clients. [more]
Five Star Garage Door Service

Five Star Garage Door Service

  • (408) 772-6863
  • 938 Rincon Cir, San Jose, California, United States
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Review by Fernando Thomas in USA
Super quick to respond. Professional thorough with details. I really knew nothing about garage door repair but needed a rapid solution as our garage door broke and needed a whole replacement. I got quotes from 3 to 4 companies.2 online and two in person. They were the most thorough out of the 4 when they came for their quote, most friendly, and they gave me the best price! They were able to come for a quote within 24-hours of my call. They were super patient and thorough with my questions. It was also during COVID and they wore a mask (for a quote and during installation). The person who installed our door was very friendly, made sure everything looked good to me before he left, and asked if I had any other questions. [more]


  • (408) 529-2371
  • San Jose, California, United States
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Review by Lion King in USA
Amazing superb service. The team was able to come out in 1 hour, they installed a new opener we bought and fixed the garage door issue we had. My house is 110 years old with a very old garage but their expertise helped us solve some issues we had. Friendly, quick and great prices. [more]
KJ's Garage Door Repair

KJ's Garage Door Repair

  • (408) 614-7525
  • 358 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, California, United States
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Review by Barry Leibowitz in USA
Choosing a garage door specialist just got a lot easier! Our roll-up door opener was 20 years old and had started to cause us problems. It reversed in the middle of the cycle, required consistent holding of the button through a cycle, sounded as if a freight train was entering, and finally ended the opening cycle with a huge crack, followed by a more tense engine instead of shutting down. Enter Kyle from KJ's Garage Door Repair. We called KJ's on a Monday morning and got an appointment for the same afternoon. So far, so good. But then Kyle called late in the morning and told us that his last appointment had gone faster than expected and he could make it home in 15 minutes if it worked for our schedule. Sold! Kyle assessed the situation and outlined options and costs for replacing or repairing the unit. After we decided on the repair option, he set about reconnecting a wire to the upper rail, replacing all the rollers, lubricating the entire chain, and securing the eye sensors we had tried to keep in place for years. His final tests elicited an astonished smile. The freight train, which had entered the station for so long, purred quietly and gently like a kitten. Now, we are calling on who is allowed to close the door at night. We recommend KJ's Garage Door Repair. They know what they are doing and they do it well. And the price? We found the pricing very reasonable and the service worth the effort. Our further review will confirm their excellent pricing and service. Thank you, Kyle! [more]
Garage Doors, Inc.

Garage Doors, Inc.

  • (800) 223-9795
  • 147 Martha St,, San Jose, California, United States
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Review by Holly Hill in USA
Their garage door repair service was really good. I really appreciate the hard work that they showed me. I am happy to say that I am one of their lucky and satisfied customers. Great work! [more]


How much does garage door installation cost?

On average, a garage door installation will cost you around $1,100. A standard single garage door will cost you around $600 - $1,500 with all the labor cost. Whereas, a double car garage door will cost you around $800 - $1,500. That’s not all, the cost of the installation can vary due to the complexity of the project and also the experience of the garage door installer. Keeping in mind that you’ll come across a lot of local garage door installers that will ask insanely low price for the garage door installation. Consider this as a red flag because either such installers will not have license and insurance, or just a couple of friends trying to make money by doing odd jobs.

So, before you plan on hiring any local garage door installer, you need to make sure that he/she is licensed, insured, and has workers’ compensation.

Why is garage door installation important?

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a way to increase the security of the house, or are planning to sell the house and want a better ROI, you need to get a new garage door installed promptly.

That’s right, installing a new garage door will enhance the security of your house by a lot. Well, your garage could be fully equipped with expensive tools and instruments, or you’ve just bought a car of your dream, a newly installed garage door will be able to safeguard your investment in the best possible way. However, if you think that your garage door does not have any valuable asset, still, outsiders could get easy access into your house and put your family at risk.

Other than that, if you are planning on selling the house in the near future, then getting a new garage door installed is the best option. In little investment, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a higher ROI when you sell your house.

What should I consider while looking for a garage door installer?

We all know that most of the houses have garages where they park their cars, right? Well, a garage door not only serves as an entryway into the house but also safeguards the car from burglars. But, have you ever thought that a local garage door installer could also be an intruder?

That’s right, hiring a reliable garage door installer is considered to be the most vital. So, if you’re searching for the best garage door installers near you, you need to look for the following traits. Trust me, these traits will enable you to hire one of the top reliable and professional garage door installers in town.

1: Provides Good Customer Service

2: Has License, Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation

3: Is Punctual and Well-Trained

4: Provides Detailed Explanation of Your Queries

5: Has Good Reputation in The Market

All of the above-given traits need to be present in the garage door installer that you’re planning to hire.

If not then you need to find someone who does have such qualities.

Is it necessary to do garage door installation by the experts?

Since we all know that on average a garage door weighs over a hundred pounds and has a lot of components that need to be precisely installed; hiring a professional for garage door installation is the best choice you could make.

It is understandable that DIY ventures do look tempting, but in actual, a DIY enthusiast might not have the right tools and equipment of the trade in order to ensure a job well done. What more? Handling such a heavy garage door all on his own might put him/her at a lot of risks. Trust me, a single mistake can cause serious injury.

Whereas, hiring a professional for garage door installation project is perhaps the wisest thing to do. This is because they have the tools, skills, and years of hands-on experience. And if any emergency situation arises amid the project, they’ll be able to tackle with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

Who is the best garage door installation near me?  

To be honest, no one can answer this question accurately. This is because no one knows your exact location. But still, if you are looking for the leading professional for garage door installation, you can hover over to HighFive Listings. This is a renowned business directory that houses a lot of garage door installation companies from different areas. You just need to search for the services along with your zip code and you’ll get a list of different companies in your area.

Don’t worry, each of the companies on the list are verified, licensed, insured, and their technicians have workers’ compensation. This implies, that not only will your project be completed within time, but if any mishap occurs during the project, the company will be held liable to fix it. Just make sure that when it comes to hiring a professional from HighFive Listings, you need to get estimates and also read what their recent customers have to say about them.

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