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Looking for reliable local painting contractors in Manassas VA? Well, now you do not need to worry at all. HighFive Listings has summarized for you the most proficient painting contractors for your convenience. We have listed these service providers based on their track record, in-field experience, customer satisfaction record, reliability, affordability, and durability of the products.  So, you do not need to worry at all and can count on these recommended professionals to get the best exterior and interior painting services for your residential and commercial premises. All of them are quite affordable and reliable. So, now you do not have to invest hours to browse around different websites to find dependable professional painting services.  Here you can review the services of the listed companies and contractors, hire the best of them and that’s it! So get quotes from the top painting contractors in town, listed below.

Metro Painters, Inc.

Metro Painters, Inc.

  • 7033617654
  • 7861 Coppermine Dr, Manassas, VA, United States
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Review by Anthony Dill in USA
Had a great experience with this company! I have dealt with many painters, and these guys were very professional and responsive. They came on short notice to paint some lockers at the school. They worked around our schedule, showed up on time, and did a beautiful job. It was also very reasonably priced. [more]
Jz Painting Design

Jz Painting Design

  • 17039266483
  • Manassas, VA, United States
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Review by Louann Samson in USA
I have hired this company for fixing of my home's floor. They came to me timely and done the job perfectly and neatly. They give me the same results that I need. I really appreciate their work. Highly recommended!!! [more]
Edwards Enterprises Custom Painting and Repair

Edwards Enterprises Custom Painting and Repair

  • 17033309980
  • 10407 Spraggins Ct, Manassas, VA, United States
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R&O Construction and Plumbing

R&O Construction and Plumbing

  • 17032001590
  • 7776 Glade Ct, Manassas, VA, United States
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Closet Prep & Paint, LLC

Closet Prep & Paint, LLC

  • 15712788724
  • 7901 Rebel Walk Dr, Manassas, VA, United States
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Review by Lon Mucci in USA
Outstanding business and great service. On his first visit he assessed the situation and offered suggestions since we weren't sure what we needed. The service provided was efficient, and he did a very thorough job replacing our old hardware. Was pleasant to work with and will be using them again. Thanks! [more]

Commonly Asked Questions By People:

How to hire a house painter during COVID-19?

To hire a painter, you should use the virtual tools for communication, which are helpful during this pandemic. If you want to hire a local painter, contact them to see if they can set up a video call to assess your project. With the help of this call, the local painter can get an idea of what needs to be done, and they can also provide you with a price quote. 

Moreover, you can ask them about the payment method if they accept the virtual or digital payments. Besides, you can easily discuss the plans and strategies for getting the work done safely during Covid-19. He should provide the ideas that can prove to be safe during this pandemic.  

Besides, you should practice social distancing to hire a painter during Covide-19. Make sure to wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and involved spaces and surfaces. You should use a digital payment method instead of cash or a check. Plan the project that will keep everyone safe. So much has changed due to this viral pandemic. The best way to avoid getting this virus is to practice social distance. We are bound to stay at home, and so do the local contractors in Manassas

What questions to ask before hiring a local painting contractor?

Have you ever hired a local painting contractor before? No? Then you should know a few things about the contractor before hiring him. The success of your painting project depends on painters capabilities. Make sure you ask the following questions before hiring a painting contractor:

  • How many years of experience do you have?

  • Do I need to do anything before you arrive?

  • What sort of preparation work will you do? Does it involve any repairs or replacement of the rotten wood?

  • What kind of material do you use for the paint job?

  • How many employees or subcontractors will you have to complete this project?

  • Should I be concerned with your crew in my house?

  • How long will the project take?

  • Where will you store the paint and supplies during the project?

  • What will you do to keep my house clean during the project?

  • How do you provide a warranty? What does it cover? How is it funded?

  • Who do I contact if I face any problem?

  • Do you have a written safety program or any ongoing safety training for your crew?

If you want the project to be successfully conducted, make sure you ask these questions before hiring a local painting contractor.  

How expensive are top professional painters?

Top professional painters generally charge between $2 and $6 per square foot to paint an area. However, the painters' cost depends on the material they use, labor, and type of paint. You can ask the professional to bring down the cost to help you better know the charges. Here is the detail of the expenses of top professional painters:

  • Cost per hour: The professional painters charge between $20 and $50 per hour depending on the project's difficulty, region, season, experience level, and exterior or interior. However, the hourly labor rates range from $70 to $100 or even more specific locations.  

  • Cost per day: The painters usually charge between $200 and $500 per day, depending on the productivity level and their painting skills. When repainting a house or a room, per day rate may cover 150 to 300 square feet of painted area per hour, with the average painter working 8 hours per day. 

Cost per square foot: The professional painter charges $0.50 to $6.00 per square feet. Simultaneously, the new construction or commercial painting rates are between $2 and $5 per square foot. These estimates include two coats of paint applied to the interior walls. Delicate surfaces and detailed projects can increase the overall costs.

Is it worth it to hire a professional painter?

Yes, it is worth it to hire a professional painter. Sure, you can try DIY painting, but it is better to hire a professional painter to reduce the tension and stress associated with the painting project. If you hire a local painting contractor in Manassas, it allows you to save both your time and money. You will not need to buy anything, including the painting tools and paint gallons. The expert painters know the right material and tool that is essential for a successful painting project. 

Moreover, trying DIY painting is a time-consuming process. An expert can help you get the house painted in the least possible time. Besides, you will get exceptional results by hiring expert painters, which is impossible to get yourself. The experts can examine the walls before painting and make sure to use the right type of paint. 

The painters are experienced and get to paint several homes. They know the right ways to paint the walls. Painting is not as easy as it seems to be. It involves a lot of essential things that only a professional knows. It is always recommended hiring an experienced painter who knows what he is doing instead of doing it yourself.

What do commercial painting contractors do?

Commercial painting contractors are not ordinary painters. They generally have several painters, support staff, heavy tools, and handle large scale projects, including public places, shopping malls, stadiums, and even airports. They often define their services as an architectural finishing service instead of simply painting. Applying paint is just one type of finishes they use during commercial painting. Usually, the paints and tools they use to apply the finishes are not used by a residential painter. Here is what a commercial painting contractor involves in their finishes:

  • Textured coatings, including trowel-applied, roll-on, sprayed, and membrane coatings.

  • Acrylic and enamel paints, as well as polyurethane and stains, finish.

  • Anti-graffiti and anti-pollutant finish.

  • Floor coatings, including anti-slip coatings, epoxies, and polyurethane.

  • Fire-resistant coatings.

  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) finishes and paints. 

These finishes are not typically used by any other painter except a commercial painter. The tools used to apply these finishes are much expensive. These tools require specialized expertise and handling during the project for the top quality and exceptional results. Moreover, the finishes used by commercial painters can be toxic and need proper precautions when using them. They work in and around public places, so they need to take precautionary measures against exposing the public to dangerous fumes and airborne particles.

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