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If you are trying to find dependable and certified roof inspectors in Manassas VA then we totally understand your struggle. We know that there are a lot of scams and unprofessional who mask themselves as the best roofing inspectors in Manassas VA but their work says otherwise. So, in order to provide the locals of Manassas VA with utmost assistance, we created this list of roofing inspectors in the area which can be depended upon on the factors of professionalism, efficiency, up to the minute skills, state of the art techniques, professional-grade tools, customized plans, reasonable pricings, personalized solutions, qualified & experienced staff, maximum possible level of customer satisfaction, in-field experience, dedicated & licensed consultants, swiftness, and good reputation. So, just check out this list of roofing inspectors of Manassas and make the right decision for yourself now!

Manassas Roofing Experts

Manassas Roofing Experts

  • 571-371-0018
  • 9303 Corporate Cir, Manassas, VA, United States
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Review by Donna Richard in USA
I used this company for replace my tile roofing about a month ago. I would strongly recommend this company if you need your roof replace. They are very competitive on their pricing with good quality work, value and very responsive. I highly recommend. [more]
iTouch Roofing

iTouch Roofing

  • 703-705-9275
  • 10361 Balls Ford Rd, Manassas, VA, United States
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Review by Trenton Gibson in USA
We were quite pleased with the level of service. They completed the job timely and took great care in not damaging our garden beds. They cleaned each day after finishing and did a thorough clean once the job was complete. Would definitely recommend and use again. [more]

Commonly Asked Questions By People:

What’s The Normal Cost Of Rooftop Inspection?

A lot of house owners tend to recompense $110 - $304 for a complete rooftop inspection. But this cost is not fixed at all, a full rooftop inspection ought to cost you as high as $600 as well. The price of rooftop inspection depends upon your budget, needs, the rooftop size, plus the material which is used. Keep in mind that different roofing materials will have different issues. Like the wooden shingles will often rot, the metal rooftop will rust, while the fiberglass rooftop will crack. For supreme rooftop inspection services, it is highly recommended that you hire one of the top roofing inspectors in Manassas VA. This is because they have the right tools and have an ample amount of knowledge to safely inspect the state of the rooftop without further damaging the rooftop or putting their life in danger.

There are different types of rooftop inspection. The most common ones are: 

  • Physical Inspection Of Roof

This type of rooftop inspection will cost you around $75 - $200. A roofing inspector will examine the state of the rooftop in person. Also if the inspection examines the underside of the rooftop from the attic, you can expect the price to increase. 

  • Drone Inspection Of The Rooftop 

Some places will be difficult to reach, this is when a roofing inspector will use a drone. They’ll capture the footage of the rooftop carefully. Such type of rooftop inspection will cost between $150 and $400.

  • Infrared Inspection Of The Roof

All in all, an infrared rooftop inspection will cost you around $400 - $600. The cost is high because technology is involved. 

How Do You Inspect A Rooftop For Damage?

You might have heard that hiring one of the top roofing inspectors in Manassas VA is the only sound thing that you need to do when it comes to rooftop inspection, right? To be honest, as I house owner, you should inspect the state of your rooftop from time to time. This is because regular rooftop inspection will lead to early detection of the roofing issues, thus, less damage and quick repairs. However, it is a good choice to hire a professional roofing inspector twice a year so that a full rooftop inspection is done. 

Rooftop inspection is not hoping up on the rooftop and looking for damaged parts. If you are inspecting the rooftop for damage, you need to: 

  • Inspect The Rain Gutters

First things first, when you conduct rooftop inspection, you need to look at the rain gutters. If you find granules or pieces of shingles in the rain gutter; your rooftop might be damaged beyond repair!

  • Inspect The Roof’s Flashing

The roof’s flashing is another important part of the rooftop that should be highly considered during rooftop inspection. The flashing is the main entry point for water. And ought to be in great shape.

  • Look For Soil Stacks 

You should also look for soil stacks or some other type of cracks. This might look like a small issue, but keep in mind that the soil stack is the most important part of the roof. 

  • Inspect The Chimney

If the chimney is damaged, you’ll have to repair it before it allows water into the house. 

How Long Does It Take To Inspect A Roof?

On average, a full rooftop inspection by the leading roofing inspectors in Manassas VA will take from 45 minutes to a few hours. The timeline of the rooftop inspection will depend upon the rooftop size, the damage done, and its material. 

A professional roofing inspector will not only be examining the roofs exterior condition but will also inspect the interior side from the attic. A rooftop inspector will carefully look at the chimney surface from the interior side, the braces, fasteners, and the support material. 

Both interior and exterior inspection of the rooftop is considered to be important. The structural inspection will check the uneven planes of the roof, is there any sagging, and is the gutter system performing well. The chimney of the rooftop should not have cracks or the caps of the chimney should be intact. 

Whereas, the water leaks will eventually damage your house. The rooftop inspector will check the ceiling, and the walls of the house for water stains, mold, and mildew that is making their way into the house.

These processes take a lot of time. So, if the roofing inspector has examined the condition of the rooftop within an hour, you can expect a lot of issues to arise afterward because he might have not inspected the rooftop in the best possible way.

This is why you need to make sure that the rooftop inspector spends time inspecting the roof, and provides you with a detailed rooftop inspection report at the end.  

How Often Should You Maintain Your Roof?

Just as you take a lot of precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your car and even your health, maintaining the health of the rooftop is just as important. Why? Well, the answer is simple. A rooftop is the top part of the house that serves as a first line of defense from all the external elements. If the rooftop is damaged or has started to wear out, you can expect the safety of the people living it in to be compromised. And none of the house owners would want that, right?

On average, a roof’s lifespan is 10 – 20 years. And if you manage to regularly maintain the roof, it can live more than that. Regular rooftop inspection means that all the issues with the rooftop will be detected early, which means less damage to your rooftop and quick repairs. 

A yearly inspection by the leading roofing inspectors in Manassas VA is highly recommended, however, you’ll be able to also examine the state of the rooftop by yourself. All you need is a pair of binoculars and a good eye for detection. Yet again, do not think of climbing up on the roof! This is because you can damage the shingles of the rooftop and cause more damage than before. What more? Since you do not know the safety protocols, you might end up hurting yourself too. 

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