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Only professional and certified roof inspectors in Sterling VA are apt and qualified enough to give you an accurate evaluation of the condition of your roofs so that you can make the decision accordingly. You must have observed that when you search for " roof inspectors near me ", there are many unprofessional and scams who claim to be the best roofing inspectors in Sterling VA. So, for your convenience, we have created this list of roofing inspectors in Sterling VA which are reliable on the merits of professionalism, efficiency, up to the minute skills, state of the art techniques, professional-grade tools, customized plans, reasonable pricings, personalized solutions, qualified & experienced staff, maximum possible level of customer satisfaction, in-field experience, dedicated & licensed consultants, swiftness, and good reputation. So, check out this list now to make the best decision for yourself!

Gutterman Services, Inc

Gutterman Services, Inc

  • 571-287-2777
  • 45888 Woodland Rd, Sterling, VA, United States
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Review by Bradley Girard in USA
Amazing service, fair pricing, and great quality of work recommend 10/10 to anyone. Great Roofing Company. [more]
NV Roofing

NV Roofing

  • 703-820-3077
  • 43671 Trade Center Pl, Sterling, VA, United States
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DryHome Roofing & Siding, Inc.

DryHome Roofing & Siding, Inc.

  • 703-230-7663
  • 45921 Maries Rd #100, Sterling, VA, United States
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Review by Gabriel Nguyen in USA
Not only do they offer their own warranty but you also receive an additional warranty for your shingles as well! Priced out many different companies and none compared! [more]

Commonly Asked Questions By People:

How Much Does A Roof Inspector Cost? 

The cost of hiring a roof inspector depends on several factors so there is not any single answer to this question. But if we talk about average costs for typical homes the roof inspection costs anywhere between $120 and $305. At certain times the cost may shoot up to $600 but that happens very rarely.

 If you want to get a clear idea of how much does roof inspectors cost, let us look at some key factors. The most important factor is the sie of the roof. The larger your roof is the more you have to pay. The rates may fluctuate according to the slope of the roof and design of the roof. The flat rates tend to go higher when you have complex roof designs. It is not surprising because the roof inspectors would have to access potentially risky joints and valleys and look closely for any potential damages. 

Another important factor is the roofing material. Different roofing materials deteriorate differently. It is essential to hire a roofing inspector having expertise in your specific type of roof. Roof inspections for asphalt shingles can cost as low as $75 but only for very small houses. 

The climate of your area also impacts the roof inspection protocols as well as the costs. If you are living in humid, the inspector will look for moisture changes in the roof and may require state of the art tools or devices to test the moisture levels. 

Whereas thermal roof inspections by infrared technology typically cost around $500. So, the cost of a roof inspection is also subject to change according to the professional expertise of the inspector and the technologies used. Search for "roof inspectors near me" and request free estimates to get exact figures. 

What do roof inspectors look for?

A roof inspector looks for unusual wear and tear, roof leaks, structural damage caused by windblown debris, moss growth, mold issues, and problems that may have arisen during roof shingle installation or subsequent repairs. When you hire roof inspectors, they must check these four facets: structure, materials, interiors, and workmanship.

Structural Inspection:

The roof inspectors will look for signs of sagging and uneven roof panels. They will thoroughly examine the condition of the fascia, soffit, and roof gutter system. Masonry chimneys are inspected at this stage for any cracks and crumbling grout. Damage to chimney caps is also reported. The inspector may also check the attic ventilation as improper venting can lead to heat and moisture buildup. These factors can reduce roof life and increases the risk of ice dams forming at the roof’s edge.

Material Inspection:

Then, the roofing inspectors will be checking for loose, missing, or curling shingles. They look for stains, rust, moss, and missing flashing or fasteners. Deteriorating materials need to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. The inspector will also check for any gaps in the rubber boots and seals around vent pipes. If your roof has shingle aggregate that is now settled in roof valleys or on the ground at the bottom of gutter downspouts,  it is a sign you need roof replacement services.

Interior Inspection:

Water is your worst enemy when it comes to roof damages. The roof inspectors will check interior ceilings, the attic, and interior walls for mold, rot,  and water stains.

Workmanship Inspection:

Professional roofing inspectors will also examine your roof for problems in workmanship. Our experienced roofing inspectors will report all the red flags such as incorrect flashing around roof penetration and loose fasteners. The most critical areas are vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights.  

How do you inspect a roof for damage?

Before you search for " roof inspectors near me ", you can do the inspection on your own but not without precautionary measures. Make sure the roof is safe to get on before every inspection. Use sturdy ladders and flashlights to thoroughly inspect the roof. Once you are sure about your safety it is time to take a look at the following parts.

Roof Interior Or Attic:

Most people understand the need for an exterior roof inspection, it is recommended to start examining your roof from the inside. Go right into the attic and search for any sign of moisture buildup. If you see rays of sunlight passing through the wood rafter or attic, it is a sign of damage. Ideally, the attic should be intact and preventing your house from water leaks. The vents should allow proper airflow. Check out for holes, water stains, and dark spots.

Roof Exterior:

Once you are done with the interior inspection it is time to check the exteriors. If you see a sign of roof sagging, it is recommended not to get on the roof. Contact us to get in touch with the best roofing inspectors in your area. 

You can do the visual inspection by taking a walk around the perimeter or use binoculars. Check for any missing or damaged shingles. Look for signs of rotting, blistering, and curling. If there are any loose materials around the chimneys or skylights, get them repaired as early as possible. 

The Roof Drainage System:

The drainage system of your roof needs a thorough examination. The gutters and downspouts should be securely attached to the roof. The drains should be open for water flow.

Roofing Materials:

In the end, take a closer look at the roofing materials. Check out for cracks, fissures, and swellings. Keep an eye out for pest infestation.

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