Water Damage Restoration Companies in Chandler AZ

Are you tired of looking for one of the most reliable yet professional water damage restoration companies in Chandler AZ? Well, since you’ve landed on our page, your endless hunt for the best water damage restoration company has ended. That’s right! We’ve managed to list the top restoration companies in Chandler AZ who’ve been in this business niche for the past many years and have served a countless number of people with unmatched and unparalleled water damage services. Our water damage home repair listings is the best in Chandler AZ because we’ve only listed companies who are fully licensed and insured. This implies that you will never be held liable for any accident or mishap that happens amid the project. What more? Each company is market competitively priced, which means, you should not worry about going over your budget.

SERVPRO of Chandler South

SERVPRO of Chandler South

  • (480) 895-4670
  • 2705 S Alma School Rd #2, Chandler, AZ, United States
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Review by Paul Dodd in USA
They did a great job on our water Damage after a house fire. They did quality work, were pleasant to work with, and even had us moved in before their estimate. [more]
Radar Restoration

Radar Restoration

  • (480) 785-5366
  • 375 E Warner Rd #1, Chandler, AZ, United States
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Water & Fire Damage Restoration Network Chandler

Water & Fire Damage Restoration Network Chandler

  • (480) 462-5312
  • 2800 E Germann Rd, Chandler, AZ, United States
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Commonly Asked Questions By People:

How Does A Restoration Company Work?

A restoration company usually provides a full spectrum of damage eradication and containment removal services. That’s true, from fire, smoke damage to water damage, or asbestos removal to mold and mildew removal services, a restoration company will be able to get you instant peace of mind. Whether your house has become a victim of water or fire damage, the company will put your home back to normal after restoring it. However, do not think that restoration companies work closely for the insurance companies; they work with them. There is a difference. 

Since a restoration company has completed a lot of projects, this implies that they’ll be able to restore the original look of your house easily. The restoration companies usually speed up the insurance claim process by firstly identifying the source of the issue and then get it repaired right away. Then they move all of the unaffected items away from the compromised area and take photographs in order to create a list of the damaged content. Then they complete all of the required paperwork and start to work with the insurer. This is one reason that you need to always work with the top restoration companies in Chandler AZ for any water damage or fire damage project.

How Is A Mold Test Done?

A mold test is usually done to identify whether your house or workplace has become a victim of mold infestation or not. Most of the time, the mold testing requires taking samples of either the air or the surface, but if the mold is quite visible on any surface, then there is no need to take any samples. 

Yet again, if the mold infestation is not visible, but you can smell a foul odor in the house or the workplace, investing in a good mold inspection service is a good choice. There are two simple ways of testing a property for mold testing. 

  1. Air Samples: 
    The air samples can be taken and then analyzed in a lot of ways. The most common way of air samples is by using a spore trap. The spore trap works by having a known volume of air pass a stick surface. Most of the air also impacts this sticky surface and it adheres to it. The sticky surface is then sent to the lab for mold testing.
  2. Surface Samples:
    When it comes to surface samples, there are three ways of doing it. Bulk sampling, swab sampling, and the most common one is tape samples. Once the sample has been taken, they’re sent off to the lab for inspection.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Mold?

On average, the cost of mold inspection and restoration services will vary. That’s right, that price of such services usually vary based upon the complexity of the mold infestation and damage done to the house. However, you can expect to pay the top mold restoration companies in town as little as $135 - $1500. 

The mold remediation cost depends upon how much and where the mold issue exists. Trust us, mold removal is not only about killing it. 

    • Mold removal costs $500 - $4000 from the crawlspaces. 
    • Mold removal cost $2000 - $6000 from the air ducts and the walls. 
    • Mold removal costs $10000 - $30000 if there is structural damage too. 
    • Mold removal costs $3000 - $10000 if there is mold in the HVAC system.

Never expect the house owners’ insurance will pay for the mold issues. The insurance will only pay for the problems that result from an emergency that has already been covered in your policy. However, if the mold infestation is because of deferred maintenance, you can expect not insurance coverage at all. 

So, when it comes to mold infestation, you should never delay its removal or else you’ll have to bear the cost of additional restoration.

What Is Mold Remediation And How Does It Work?

Mold remediation is a process that includes mold inspection, mold removal, and mold cleanup. And trust me, this is a costly process, so you do not want to have it done all over again. Keep in mind that every mold damage has a different scenario and it often requires a different solution. There is no single way to remove mold from a property. 

However, the process of mold remediation helps the owner of the house or the office to stay safe and healthy by identifying mold within the premises and them eradicating it. If the mold infestation is less than 10 square feet, then it is considered to be a DIY venture. Beyond that, you’ll have to get in contact with a professional mold removal company. 

At first, proper ventilation and containment ought to be set. That’s right, an air scrubber needs to be used to ensure that the airborne mold is not spreading in the uninfected area. Then comes the cleaning and the disinfection. This usually includes the real remediation and disposal of the infected items. The experts apply solutions. At last comes the fixing of the mold source. If the damage is not significant, a quick fix will diminish the issue, however, for greater damage, you might need to hire one of the top restoration companies.

Should I Use The Restoration Company My Insurance Refers?

The simple answer to this question is NO. It is solely up to you that which restoration companies in Chandler AZ you opt for. This implies that even if the insurance adjuster is referring you to a company. It is you who’ll be making the final decision for hiring a company that restores your house or workplace to its original state. 

An insurance company will usually refer you to a company that they have business to do. Hiring a restoration company that your insurer refers could mean that he/she wants you to hire them for their own benefits and not yours. The restoration company might be able to get your house fixed but you might have to pay for the damage more. Other than that, you’ll not be eligible for whole property restoration services because the restoration company will not hide anything from the insurance services providers. This means that whatever has caused the damage, you’ll be equally involved in the payment. 

Yet again, you can take recommendations from the insurer, but it is not necessary to hire a restoration company that he/she refers to.

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