Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key Without Original

can a locksmith make a car key

 A locksmith can make a car key without the original provided the expertise and right tools to do the job. Losing your car key is one of the most annoying situations. You can be stranded outside your car with no means to get in. It may be due to your negligence or a stroke of bad luck. At certain times, it is stolen along with your purse or wallet. Now you have to get yourself a new key. 

If you have spare keys made already, things get a lot easier. You just need to get that key and get back on track. When there is no spare key or it's not accessible, the first person that comes to your mind is a locksmith.

This article covers lessons from key locksmiths, the common methods of creating keys, a pro tip to avoid scam, and then finally how can you find a locksmith in your area.

Important Lessons By Key Locksmith:

Below are some important lessons regarding car lockouts. A Key locksmith receives several questions regarding car keys. We have created this guide after a good research on what key locksmith has to advise for different scenarios. Read along to be an informed user.

Keep Calm And Think About Your Safety

If there is a kid or person inside the car who cannot unlock the car from inside, call 911 without wasting any time.

A lot of car owners lose their calm when they are stuck in a lockout. It is normal to feel the distress at the moment but it can shove you into risks. The first and foremost step is to ensure your safety and for that, you need to be calm and patient. Think about your location and any sort of help you can get.

If it’s a busy road, try to drag your vehicle at the extreme side of the road to enable a smooth flow of traffic. On busy roads, the risk of being scammed is pretty low. When you find yourself stranded at a deserted road, you have to be very careful about your location. Hide your valuables and stand at a well-lit area. Don’t accept help from strangers unless you are sure about their whereabouts. Car thieves are lurking in dark corners to exploit people stuck in lock emergencies.

Contact your friends or family members for help. When you are ready to call a locksmith, make sure to know all the crucial details they are going to ask on phone.

Know What Type Of Vehicle You Have

It might seem pretty obvious but is worth mentioning. Some people have no fancy in learning their car vehicles. They just know how to drive it safely and that is enough. If you want to avoid lock emergencies and related delays, know the type of vehicle you own. 

Knowing the exact name and model of the car is super essential. You can also share the picture of your vehicle using your smartphone. If your car was built before 1981, the locksmith will cut a new key using conventional methods. Modern car key locksmiths are trained to program the car keys for the latest models.

Know What Type Of Key You Need

This is somewhat answered when you know the car model. You can communicate the details on phone with the key locksmith. Smart keys require expertise and equipment for programming.

Hire An Auto Locksmith With Expertise In Car Key Making

Most of the locksmiths provide key making services but you need to sure about the expertise of the professional before you hire them.

Common Methods Used For Key Making:

Key Cutting

The conventional method used by most of the key car locksmiths is key cutting. Once the certified locksmith verifies your ownership of the vehicle,he can cut the key from code with your VIN. (FYI: VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number). It is quite easy to make the same key using the identification number. When the number is not visible or lost, they can decode the lock to learn cuts of the key. It may take a little more time but you can get a new key.

Reprogramming The Transponder Keys

Modern vehicles use transponder keys. They have an inbuilt electronic chip in the head of the key. As the key is inserted into the ignition, the chip in the key deactivates the engine immobilizer and allows the motor to start. 

Without the correct and functional chip, the key won’t start the car, even when the key turns the ignition. The key locksmith identifies the correct key blanks and transponder chip from the information provided by the car owner, they can program the transponder keys. The produced can either by an exact copy of the original or be reprogrammed using special equipment.

Programming The Key Fob

The key fob cannot be reprogrammed so the locksmith acquires and programs a new key fob for your vehicle.

A-Pro Tip

A lot of car owners are scammed by people who offer immediate help but request upfront payment of the complete cost. They ask for cash and avoid transactions that can be traced. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the locksmith and their warranties before you let them handle your car lock.

How To Find A Reliable Auto Locksmith?

Now you know that an auto locksmith can help you by making a new car key, the next step is to find reliable locksmith services. It is not an easy feat and there is a risk of scam. Make sure to conduct thorough background searches before making a deal. 

You can start by searching locksmith on HighFive Listings. Verify the legal compliance of each company and make sure the company has a stellar reputation. Don’t fall for unrealistic prices and subcontractors. You can also contact your dealership to get new keys but if you want to solve the problem without paying a huge sum of money, give us a call. 

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