FAQ - HighFive List

About HighFive List

  • What is HighFive List?

  • HighFive List is a business listing site that allows you to add your business details online to get more leads and eventually more sales. We will enable you to see and connect with your customers, update your profile, and let the users add reviews and ratings. We make it easy to locate design services provider. Moreover, our team of experts can help you with your online business marketing.
  • How to list a business on HighFive List?

  • It is easy to list a business on HighFive List. All you need to provide accurate information about the business like business name, phone number, email address, business category, description, and all other mandatory details.

  • What is the best thing about HighFive List Directory?

    a) HighFive List is 100% free

    b) We have listed the most trustworthy business

    c) We are helping small businesses to reach potential customers and generate more leads.

    d) Improve your business’s visibility and digital recognition.

  • Is HighFive List reputable?

    Yes! HighFive List is highly reputable and reliable. We only keep the authentic business information of the registered business. You can easily reach out to almost every service domain here.

  • Does HighFive List support client ratings & reviews on business list?

    Yes, HighFive List highly supports client’s reviews and ratings, showing them along with the business’s name. It allows the new clients to know about the business and get an idea about the quality of services that particular business offers. 

  • Can I add my business without registration?

    No, you cannot add a business on HighFive List without registration. Provide your basic information to get registered. We will help you reach your potential buyers and help you provide authentic leads.

  • How much time does it take to get approval?

    We try to make sure that approvals are granted in the least possible time. In most cases, approval is granted within 24 to 48 hours. You will get a notification as soon as your listing is live.

  • Why should I feel comfortable that HighFive List can help me?

    HighFive List helps to generate authentic business leads so that you can be confident in your selection. Our mission is to help you upgrade your business’s visibility in your locality and provide digital recognition.

  • What happens if I am unable to locate a relevant category at the time of creating my listing?

    All the major categories are available on our site. If you cannot find a relevant category, you can select the option "Other" subcategory.

About Listings on HighFive List

  • Do you verify business information listed on HighFive List?

    HighFive List reviews every business thorough scrutiny before we list any of the businesses on our online directory.

  • What information does HighFive List require to list a business?

    HighFive List requires a business name, contact number, email address, website and business address for registering any business on our online directory. Our team verifies this information first and then registers the business.

  • Can I list my business if my business is outside the USA?

    No. It is mandatory to have a US-based business for listing it on HighFive List. We have numerous trusted companies and businesses listed on our platform and will be happy to list yours too, only if you’re working in the US.

  • How to contact support if I have any questions regarding my listings?

    If you have any queries or need support help, you need to provide your phone number and email ID so that our support department can contact you.

User Reviews On HighFive List

  • Does HighFive List tamper reviews left by the clients?

    No. HighFive List does not tamper reviews that are shared by the clients. However, our platform policies do not allow sharing of reviews written in a foul language or those exceeding ethical values.

  • Reviews on HighFive List ever get removed or they stay forever?

    HighFive List is only responsible for removing reviews that do not meet ethical standards. Other than that, customer reviews are never removed, and customers are allowed to share their reviews but only if they meet ethicalities.

  • Can business owners ask for reviews from the clients?

    Yes. Business owners can ask their clientele to share their feedback regarding the service, and post their reviews on HighFive List.

  • Can I share my reviews on Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

    HighFive List allows you to share customer reviews on your business on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will allow you to attract customers that are looking for services on these platforms.