Terms & Conditions

Terms of Our Services

Our terms and conditions allow a smooth and seamless flow, giving you access to our website for your businesses. Agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are bounded by a legal contract with HighFive Listings that will allow you to navigate on the site accordingly. However, if you wish not to agree, HighFive Listings reserves the right to limit its access to you or for your businesses.


  1. Using the words “you, yours, etc.” on our site refers to the users of the site when they’re accessing, crawling, and browsing the site. Words such as “we, us, our, etc.” will refer to HighFive Listings.
  2. HighFive Listings publishes everything, including images, text, photos, videos, audios, location, and information related to your business on your behalf. Our site refers to it as “Your Content,” which means that everything marketed from your content is done with your consent. All the information is published publicly, including reviews, ratings, compliments, invitations, messages, etc. that are representing your business.

Using Our Site

Authorization to the Site

HighFive Listings allows access based on defined terms and conditions. However, posting anything on the platform is entirely at your risk, including the risk of being exposed to irrelevant and questionable content

Site Access

HighFive Listings reserves the right to modify, update, and interrupt the site without any prior notice or liability.

Eligibility Criteria

HighFive Listings reserves the right to block your access is you or your accounts are one of our competitors.

User’s Accounts

For accessing the site, users are asked to create their accounts on the platform. HighFive Listings requires business information for creating the account. However, HighFive Listings ensures confidentiality for its users and urges them to keep their information safe and confidential too.

In case of any unusual activity, users are instructed to report the activity to support immediately. HighFive Listings also reserves the right to close your account at any time.

Your account on the platform is for your personal and non-commercial use only. Therefore, HighFive Listings asks for accurate information during account creation. Ensure that you provide accurate information. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited as well.


HighFive Listings does not interfere with communication between you and your clients.

Changes to Terms of Services

HighFive Listings reserves the right to modify and change its terms and conditions at any time. Our team is responsible to report these changes to the clients via email. Continual to use to the site means that you agree to our terms and modifications we make as needed.


You Own Your Content

HighFive Listings publishes any content and information with your approval. However, once published, the material cannot be withdrawn. The content represents your businesses and services you offer.

Ensure that the information you’re providing is accurate, real, and truthful. The information that is live on our site signifies your ownership. HighFive Listings will provide suggestions for your content, including content, videos, audios, etc. Users are liable for any kind of content posted on their behalf, which is false or objectionable.

Rights We Reserve

HighFive Listings reserves the right to use your content publicly at different platforms. Other users on the site are allowed to use your content (publicly copy and paste it, translate it, commercialize it, etc.)


Users are responsible for content related that is displayed publicly. HighFive Listings owns features that are but not limited to visual interfaces, graphics, designs, reviews, ratings, and content. All rights are reserved by HighFive Listings, and we do not grant indirect access to any of the users.

General Restrictions

HighFive Listings invites users to inform and complain against those that are violating the rules of the platforms. However, we don’t enforce our teams until we strictly evaluate the complaints.

You Have Agreed

For Accessing the website, you need to agree to:

  • Abide by the platform’s content guidelines and refrain from posting fake or incorrect information about your business.
  • Respecting third party’s rights to breach confidence, copyrights, trademark, privacy, and the publically displaying of information
  • Not engage in bulk email or mass messaging for commercial or non-commercial use. In addition, you are not to manipulate search results by engaging in keyword spamming.
  • Not to violate any of the applicable law, terms, and conditions described by HighFive Listings
  • Not to use a robot, retrieval application or automated devices to index any portion of the site or the content
  • Not to format or alter the website’s content or make an attempt to access restricted space or other users’ accounts.
  • Not to remove, disable or damage security related features of the platform to own benefit.

Conditions to Terminate the Control

Users are required to terminate the contract and discontinue our services at any time with prior notice of at least 30 days. After the notice for cancellation is received, HighFive Listings will suspend or close the account immediately.

HighFive Listings also reserves the right to limit and band your access altogether without any prior notice for the reason. Violation of the terms and conditions will result in a partial or complete ban of the platform’s services for you and your account.

Our Contract Terms

The term “No Contract” means that users are not bounded by HighFive Listings’ legal terms and conditions. However, users have the privilege of using the platform’s services on a month to month recurring contract. Users have the right to cancel our contract with prior written notice of 30 days.

Intellectual Property

Signing the contract, users agree to the terms and conditions and the rights owned by HighFive Listings. This includes the creation, marketing, and management of your businesses and their landing pages as well.

On cancellation of the contract, HighFive Listings reserves the right to inactivate or take off the landing pages created for the users.

Payment and Refund Policy

  • HighFive Listings requires upfront payment (unless otherwise agreed) for monthly and fixed-price contracts. The billing or project signup date is decided as the payment date.
  • HighFive Listings may charge for next month’s services when a monthly report of keyword has been issued
  • Payments made of any kind are non-refundable

All terms and conditions derived herein are for users’ convenience only.