Modern HVAC Systems And Coronavirus Spread - Q&A

Modern HVAC Systems And Coronavirus Spread

The primary goal of an HVAC system is to maintain good air quality of the interior side via filtration and of course ventilation. Remember that the HVAC systems are considered to be among the top appliances that are used in commercial premises such as malls, schools, hospitals, and police stations. The size, design, make, and model can without a stretch the performance of the system. 

With the coronavirus pandemic still at large, most people are concerned about the HVAC and coronavirus spread. Although, it has not been scientifically proven that the droplets of coronavirus can stay airborne for a couple of hours. Many people have complained that they’ve been tested positive, and the reason is the HVAC system.

HVAC System And The Transmission Of Covid-19

We all know that the droplet of the virus is the primary way of transmission, right? For example, if an infected person sneezes, coughs, or even breaths and spittle come out from his/her nose or mouth, only when another person is expected to get infected with this vicious virus. However, if the infected person is wearing a legit face mask, the percentage of transmission of the virus is reduced by a lot. 

Many people believe that HVAC systems are also one of the top reasons for coronavirus transmission. To be honest, the coronavirus catastrophe has escalated so promptly that the scientist hadn’t got enough time to prove if HVAC and coronavirus spread is directly linked or not. All we know is the up till now, the virus is being transmitted through direct content with the infected person or by touching a contaminated surface. If you’re taking safety precautions; you are safe. 

Can Coronavirus Be Spread By The HVAC System?

The spread of coronavirus is possible through the HVAC systems, only if the building structure has poor ventilation. There’s no doubt the poorly ventilated building has bad air quality and can contribute to spreading other diseases along with coronavirus. This is one reason why people have started to contact the best HVAC companies in their area for ventilation inspection and HVAC repair services.  

Note: There’s not enough proof which states that the virus can be drawn into the HVAC system and then distributed to other areas.

Yet again, if you are wearing a legit face mask, maintaining social distancing, and have good hygiene, your chances of getting infected are lessened.

Does Speed Air Flow Affect The Virus Spread? 

If you are thinking of increasing the airflow just because you want to flush the virus from the air, then you are at mistake. Increasing the airflow might increase the risk of exposure.

Although, there’s not enough proof that HVAC and coronavirus spread are linked, but we know that viruses have a tendency to spread via intra-space airflow systems. Air turbulence and flow suspension should be avoided at all costs.

Experts highly suggest that you need to keep the airflow to a minimum while keeping the area well-ventilated.

Should I Increase The Ventilation? 

A lot of research proposes that if you increase the flow of outside air, it can help in diluting most of the airborne droplets of the coronavirus from the air within a given space. If you've recently installed modern HVAC systems that can control the flow of air from the outside, you need to increase the rates of the air from the outside. This'll help in diluting the possibly contaminated air and reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure.

Qs Related to Prospective Extenuation Tactics:

There’s no definite answer yet that HVAC and coronavirus spread are linked. Yet we know that the virus is transmitted through air. All in all, below are some of the mitigation tactics that you’ll find helpful. 

Q#1: Would Installing Efficient Filters Prevent The Spread? 

The modern HVAC systems have installed greater efficiency filters that can easily capture small virus particles and eradicate the issues from the air of the space. This is one of the top reasons why people have started to shop for high-efficiency HVAC systems ad filters; to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 through air. Keep in mind that this will only reduce the risk, not eliminate it completely.  

The coronavirus is very small, and some of its particles still may be able to pass through the filters. This implies that you’ll still have to be careful. Wear face mask, and of course, maintain social distancing at all costs. 

Q#2: Is UV Technology Enough To Kill The Virus? 

As mentioned above that some of the coronavirus particles are small enough to even pass through the top-rated kinds of filters that the best HVAC companies near you might have suggested. The UV rays are used to neutralize the virus such as Covid-19 and others.

There are many different types of UV technologies that could potentially kill up to 90% of the viruses that are living inside the air duct of the HVAC system. 

Yet again, this technology has not been renowned to kill the coronavirus virus, but is considered to be good enough to eliminate other types of viruses. 

Q#3: Will Ionizers Work For Mitigating The Coronavirus? 

Did you know that Ionizers such as hydrogen peroxide is enough to kill the microbes such as virus that pass through the HVAC systems duct? The Ionizer is placed within the HVAC system just around the filters. As soon as the particles start to penetrate the filters, the ionizers will start killing the microbes.

Modern HVAC systems that have ionizers are highly effective in killing the coronavirus particles. So, it's recommended that when you shop for HVAC now, consider if the system can also accommodate the ionizer.

Q#4: What's The Effect Of Moisture And Ventilation?

We've heard a lot that the coronavirus will be deactivated if it's exposed to high temperatures for a longer period of time, right? Well, most of the summer has passed yet the virus still stands still. However, another research has revealed that if there is a high moisture level indoor, it can gradually deactivate the virus for good.

During winters, the moisture level drops low, and it becomes the ideal condition for the virus to stay alive for long. Experts suggest that adding more humidity to the air can permanently mutilate the external crust of the virus. 

Just do not add excess humidity to the air as it can damage the furnishing of the house. Keep the moisture level above the minimum and also keep the house well-ventilated. 

Q#5: Will Cleaning And Sanitizing The System Help? 

As we all know that taking precautionary measures is very imperative right now, cleaning and sanitizing the HVAC system will do no harm. In fact it would improve its heating and cooling performance. 

No one can be too sure that the particles of the coronavirus are still present in the HVAC system or not. But cleaning and sanitizing the system might eradicate most of the virus living inside the system during the lockdown. You need to consider installing a high-quality filter, an ionizer, and a UV technology to eliminate as much as viruses as possible.

PSM: If you're not feeling well, it is requested that you stay home until you start to feel better. When you go to any public place, you need to wear a face mask, protective glasses, and always maintain social distancing.

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