Role of an Electrician in Modern Lifestyle at Home


In 1752, Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. Since then, there is the widespread use of electricity all over the world. Day to day life of people will be impaired without electricity run machines. Refrigerator, washing machine, induction cooker, television, mixer grinder, toaster, sandwich maker, microwave oven, computers, etc. run-on electricity. Right from the smallest of the electrical gadgets, to taking a note of the major electrical faults in your home, the right trained electrician can help you to check everything to keep your home safe.

What Does an Electrician Do?

For both household electric work and industrial electric work, people call in electricians. They install various electric components, repair electrical appliances, do the electrical wiring of your house, etc. These electric experts design and plan the entire electrical system of a particular house or factory. Their responsibilities mainly include maintenance and repair of old electrical devices. This article mainly talks about the role of electricians in the installation and repair of modern-day electrical gadgets.

The Various Responsibilities of the Electricians Include:

Testing and certification of the electrical installations

There is no home or commercial building or premises that do not make use of electricity. The electrical installations must be regularly checked for by a trained and certified electrician so that the space is safe for human dwellings. The periods at which the check is carried out depends on the type of property being checked. It is the law of the land that the electrician must comply with while checking the installations for the purpose of certification. The electrician must also be well informed about the updates and the amendments that are made in the law regarding electrical installations so that they can give you the most current version of the certification.

Rewiring or wiring of a house or a commercial building

One must never take electricity for granted. When a house gets old, so does the wiring, and so it needs to be replaced with a new one. The safety measures that were current at the time the house was built are no longer even valid after ten or twenty years. This must pay attention to and the rewiring of your home must be done by a qualified electrician who knows the job well. Your electrician can give you suggestions based on his experience and expertise.

Installation of lights

The electrician has the responsibility of installing the lights on any premises whether it is a residential building or a building used for commercial purposes. A good lighting system is essential in a commercial establishment in order to make it more attractive for the clients while it also serves the purpose of better security in residential and also commercial buildings so it must always be installed by a certified electrician.

Installation of the security system

The security system must always be installed by a professional because this is the most important part of your safety. It becomes all the more essential to get an electrician to do the job when the hard-wired security system is to be installed. This security system will save you from the intrusion of an outsider into your home without your permission. You can get a fully monitored alarm system or you could just get the most basic alarm system installed for your safety, but it is very important that the experienced professional do the job to omit any mistakes in this installation. So, hire a professional electrician for the installation of the security system.

What are the devices set up by electricians for a comfortable lifestyle at your home?

Microwave oven

For heating up food and cooking delicious recipes, it is urgent to have a microwave oven at your home. The homeowners generally call in an electric expert to install such a heavy electrical device as a microwave oven for the first time. They arrange for a separate plug point for your microwave oven.


The refrigerator is a must-have electrical device for every household. This device keeps all the food from yesterday fresh and edible. The main line of the refrigerator, condenser point everything should be checked, so in that case, the role of an electrician is very vital.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner is another heavy electrical device, and you can't install an AC all by yourself. You can ask an electrician for help during the installation of the air conditioner. The air conditioner also requires a good amount of electricity and little fluctuation in the voltage can hamper the performance of the device.

Washing machine and dryer

The washing machine looks pretty big, but it doesn't draw as much electricity as the other two devices mentioned above. Still, the electrician can guide you better about how to use the washing machine and dryer properly.


It is not an easy task to set up a television by a layman. For this installation, you need the assistance of an electric expert. The electrician will know how to connect the wires to the right points of your television. Sometimes, the electric experts ask for an extension cord to operate the television.

Video doorbell and calling bell

The calling bell and video doorbells are important for a household and its safety. These doorbells run on electricity and for their installation, you need an electric expert once again. Sometimes due to mishandling of connection, there can be major electrical faults that might arise only because of the calling bell.

Lighting control system

These days, people are using a light control system for their houses. For this, they need an electric expert who will connect all the lights of your house with one another. For the installation of new light bulbs and tube lights, you will need these electric experts in the beginning.

Wi-Fi router

These days, Wi-Fi routers are the essential device of every household. The electricians first set up these Wi-Fi routers for the customers. Sometimes for uninterrupted internet, these electric experts arrange for a separate plug point for the routers as well.

The electrician charges a very minimum amount of money for the expert service. They provide quality service to the households. Now there are many you can find electrical agencies that provide experienced, qualified, and licensed electricians, so you can choose accordingly.

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