Ways to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

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Because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 has negatively affected a lot of people, families, and businesses all over the world. It has likewise brought about troublesome times for a lot the local and international companies too. These unfathomably vital and remarkable to the individual communities as well. 

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Due to the on-going pandemic, a lot of small businesses have shut their doors completely or have limited their operations. Yes, it is true that many businesses have been compelled to close, and numerous others had to downsize or change their business operation process.

Different Ways To Support Businesses During Crisis

While it's anything but difficult to feel helpless in such a time, there are as yet a couple of things you can do to help local businesses survive such a crisis.

#1 - Shop Online

Many businesses now provide their customers with the convenience to buy their services or their products through their website, their Facebook pages, or by any other online medium. Yes, you can also buy from them on call or even through email. Buying stuff from businesses online is one of the best ways to help the local business survive. Whereas, you will also be not in danger of catching the coronavirus because you’ll not be leaving the house. So, not only online shopping is safe for you but beneficial for the business as well.

#2 - Request Takeout or Delivery 

A lot of cafés and restaurants have figured out a way as to how they’ll keep up serving their customers during the Covid-19 out-break. Many food chains now have curbside pickup or even provide home delivery services that they didn’t used to offer. 

So, now is the ideal time to order food from your preferred eatery. What more? You can even try out something new for a change! As long as you’re not cooking food in the house, you’ll find the food delectable!

#3 - Buy Gift Cards 

For those business brands that can't stay open during the COVID-19, you can buy a gift voucher right now and then use them later. Or you can even gift such vouchers to someone on their birthday. Buying gift cards and vouchers from such business brands will help them bridge the cash-flow gap. 

Buying now will benefit you in a lot of ways. You can use them on a date, or during a shopping spree in the future or even when you go out for lunch with a bunch of friends.

#4 - Order Products Ahead

Do you want to make your transactions easier, simpler, and less distressing? If yes, you need to be putting in your order prior to picking it up. By doing this, you will shorten your exposure time and also reduce the risk for everybody included in the trade. Yes, this includes all, you, the business owner, and their employees.

#5 - Try Buying Local Products

Many of the things that you used to buy from supermarkets in the huge city or at the large box stores are also available at the nearby retail store. So, you should consider buying such products from local businesses rather than driving all the way to the big city. 

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When you purchase from local businesses, not only will you be helping them, but you also save yourself time and money. While the local business will appreciate your effort. 

#6 - Remain at Home 

Do you think you have a sore throat, fever, dry cough, and a runny nose? If yes, then most probably you have the symptoms of the coronavirus. This is one of the best reasons to stay home and take care of yourself. By staying home, not only will you be helping yourself get better but you will also make sure that no one else contracted with the virus because of you.

#7 - Abstain from Paying with Cash 

Want to know one of the easy yet simple methods to constrain the danger of spreading coronavirus to others? Well, you’ve guessed it right; try not to pay with cash. A lot of people now carry debit and credit cards with them and now so should you. There are cards as well, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Try using these methods of paying instead of cash. What more? These methods are normally quicker, getting you all out of the shop faster! In case, you have to pay with cash, read our blog on how to disinfect money.

#8 - Compose Good Reviews 

When it comes to shopping from a local business, you need to at least write 3 positive reviews for that business brand. Why? Because this will put in a vote of confidence for that business. And because of your positive review, other people will also reach out to them. Try writing down positive reviews on different renowned platforms. Also, make sure that their website is listed on any US local directory.
Use Social Media 

Follow, Like, Share, Comment, and spread the updates on your local business to the entirety of your friends and family members! Did you get an outstanding lunch delivered to you on time, or your experienced remarkable customer service from your local business brand? Give them a thumbs up on their social media profile!

#9 - Be Understanding 

There is no doubt that we are on extraordinary time and a few businesses have either been compelled to close operations or have settled on the troublesome choice to do as such for safety reasons. It is you who needs to be understanding. 

Realize that every business is unique, and they are giving a valiant effort for them, and attempt to help them in any capacity conceivable. Reach out to the owners of the business or their employees to ask how they are getting along, or to just tell them you bolster their choices. It implies a great deal!

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