The Best Way to Clean Your House in an Order

The Best Way to Clean Your House in an Order

Whenever it comes to cleaning your house; you too start with just any random room that you closest too and then you move on to the next room? If yes, then keep one thing in mind that you are not alone. A lot of people who clean their houses make the same mistake. 

To be honest, everyone hates cleaning the house, which is why they choose to hire the best house cleaning service in Fairfax VA. But do you know that you can also clean the house on your own just like a professional? Yes, most of the novices (just like you) won’t be so sure whether they’d dust the room or vacuum it first, or which room to tackle first. 

Efficient House Cleaning Tips: A Step By Step Guide

When you choose to clean the house, you always need to have a game plan in your mind. Yes, this means that you need to keep the cleaning project systematic and well organized if you want everything to be done in half of the time that you usually spend. Else, keep in mind that hiring one of the top full house cleaning services provider in Fairfax VA is also an option that you can choose at any given time. 

Let’s not waste much time and dive into the house cleaning tips that you need to opt for. Below we’ve compiled a step by step house cleaning guide that you need to follow. So, read until the end to fully understand the process. But before you get started; put on some music that you love as this will enhance your mood and you’ll be able to get things done more quickly. 

#1: Do Not Clean One Room At A Time

Do you want to know the secret of cleaning the house effectively? Well, it is easy if you pick on the task and then do it throughout the house. For instance, either choose to dust, vacuum, or mop the whole house. Don't think that you'll be saving much time if you clean the bedrooms first, then the kitchen, then the living room, and finally the bathroom. This way you'll think that you're trapped in house cleaning loop.

#2: Keep All The Tools In A Caddy 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a caddy, a box, a tote, or a bucket, you need to have everything sorted out and close to you as much as possible. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep the tools in a portable caddy. This will make it easy for you to carry all the tools around and get the cleaning process done easily. Neither will you waste your time looking for tools when you need them the most. 

#3: First Clean The Mess

Before you start to clean any room of the house, you should make a habit of picking up the mess that is visible. Stuff like news-paper, books, magazines, gaming consoles, shoes, and even kitchen plates should be put in their right places. 

If you think that you do not need some of the stuff, you can just toss them into the garbage, put them away in the store, or donate them. But always make sure that you clean up the big mess before diving into the small details of cleaning. 

#4: Dust And Then Vacuum

Let's suppose that you choose to vacuum the floor first; do you think that the tables, sofas, or chairs are dust-free? Well, if not then you need to dust the upholstery in the first place and then vacuum the floor. This way, all the dust will fall on the floor and when you vacuum it, expect it to be cleaned. 

When you start to dust the furniture, make sure that the ceiling fans or wall fans are turned off. Start dusting from the top of the furniture first and gradually come to the bottom. 

#5: Wipe The Glass And Mirrors

Have you always wanted to gleam cleaned windows and mirrors? If yes, then you need to use a slightly wet cloth (microfiber) followed by a dry cloth to wipe clean such surfaces. 

Note: If you do not have a mop or a ladder, you can hire the best house cleaning service Fairfax VA to undertake the cleaning project in the best possible way. 

If there are some hard to reach areas, you can always tie the microfiber cloth at the tip of a broom or the mop, and start to wipe thoroughly. 

#6: Disinfect All The Surfaces 

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic situation, everyone wants to stay safe within their house. One of the best ways of keeping the house free from germs, viruses, and bacteria is to disinfect all the surfaces of the house thoroughly. 

So, you need to disinfect the hard surfaces, such as floors, countertops, all electrical appliances, doorknobs, TV-remote, and everything that you or your family members can get the hands on.

You can buy disinfectant from the local hardware store or any nearby superstore. Make sure that the product you choose is eco-friendly.  

#7: Priority Cleaning: Tub, Toilets, and Sink 

Keep a spray bottle in the bathroom and the kitchen. Before cleaning or washing the bathtub, kitchen sink, or the bathroom sink, disinfect it. Let the spray sit for a couple of minutes then you need to spray them with cleaning agents. Let the cleaner dissolve all the stubborn stains. Once they have been dissolved, you need to scrub them. 

While still in the kitchen, make sure that the inside of the microwave is also cleaned. Before cleaning it, you need to unplug it from the main socket. 

#8: Sweep And Then Mop

Sweep and then mop the floor. Yes, you need to sweep the floor first. Make it a habit to sweep from the farthest point of the room and then backward yourself. Don't mop yourself into the corner. Also, make sure to clean the mop before cleaning an area of 4 x 4. 

Cleaning tip: Add a disinfectant in the floor cleaning solution too in order to disinfect the floors once again. There is no harm in over disinfecting the floors. You might have heard “excess of everything is bad”. Well, not in this case. 

#9: Don’t Stand Still When You Vacuum

Looking for a new house cleaning services provider for vacuuming the house because you can't seem to clean the carpet look spotless? Don't worry, you are not an expert so hiring a professional once in a while is harmless. 

But experts suggest that when it comes to vacuuming, you need to keep moving. Yes, you should not stand still in one place when you are vacuuming a carpet. One thing more, you do not need to vacuum the floor regularly. It’s okay to do it once every two weeks if you’re floors do not get high foot-traffic. 

#10: Cut The Grease 

Grease in the kitchen will end up on the cabinets, cooking stove, and just above the cooking stove. So, if you’ve noticed the grease, you shouldn’t worry at all. Why? Because you will be able to wipe the grease off with a cleaner that has orange oil in it. 

The grease-cutting cleaner will cut through the grease on all surfaces without causing harm to them in the first place. If the cleaning agent does not cut the grease, you need to mix warm water with baking soda and lightly start to scrub the surface. 

#11: Ask Family Members To Help You 

Well, if the house is quite large, you can always ask your family members to help you out undertake the house cleaning task. There is no shame in cleaning the house, right? 

Just make sure that you explain to them the whole plan before handing a cleaning tool to them. Tell them which room they need to clean and also tell them which cleaning product is to be used and where it should be used. By doing this, you are going to save a lot of time and energy, plus working together is fun. 

#12: Wash The Cleaning Tools When Done

Once you are done with the house cleaning project, you need to clean the tools that you’ve used. Yes, cleaning the tools and equipment is the most overlooked part of the house cleaning project. 

Using a dirty mop or a vacuum that is full of dirt and dust is highly ineffective. So, take out some time in cleaning the tools before putting them back where they belong. The next time you start the project, you will not have to spend time cleaning the tools before cleaning the house.  

Bottom Line

If you think that you are not fit for cleaning the house on your own, you can hire a house cleaning company. So, hover over to HighFive Listings right away to find top-rated house cleaning companies in your local area. HighFive is an online business listing directory that has listed professional and reliable companies of all niches. Search for companies, compare their rates and provision of work and hire the best one out of the rest.

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