How To Market Your Business During A Crisis

How To Market Your Business During A Crisis

With the on-going pandemic situation, social distancing, isolation, and work from the house have been normalized. Because of this, we have seen a great shift in the demand and supply graph. For a lot of business brands, this has had a devastating impact. Why? Because businesses that used to sell their services and product are now not able to provide as before.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 has transformed our way of living, our social life, and our professional life. If you’re an owner of a business brand, and you think that your business is suffering from social distancing and smart lockdowns, then you need to keep one thing in your mind that what is the best marketing strategy during a crisis that’ll help your business stabilize.

14 Ways To Do Smart And Effective Marketing During A Crisis

If you think that you are the only one who is suffering from the impact of the Covid-19, then you're wrong. However, there are still a lot of ways you can keep your business up and running enough to reach a breakeven point or even gain a bit of profit. If you're wondering how, you need to read on until the end of this article. We have compiled a list of 15 of the most effective marketing strategies and the best practices for small business brands.

Strategy #1: Keep Posting On Social Media Platforms

During this on-going situation, even if you are not able to go to the office or your workshop, for the time being, you should stay active on any social media platform. Not your personal account though, but your business account.

A lot of business directories and even customers have started to look for different businesses on social media sites. So, if you actively posting content on them, chances are they you’ll be soon contacted by them. Your coronavirus crisis management plan should also incorporate the vital steps you take to protect your customers and employees as well. 

Strategy #2: Always Share Relevant Content

We all know that social media is one of the most powerful tools that can share information with different parts of the world within a few seconds. So, you always need to be very careful when you circulate any kind of information on it. If you've managed to give your customers the wrong advice, you can expect them to never return to your brand ever again.

 This is perhaps the best practice for small businesses; they need to only share content that addresses the need and requirements of a customer.

Strategy #3: Answer Specific Queries

During this situation, people are not worried about living a fancy life, but they're only concerned about fulfilling their primary needs. As we've mentioned above that you need to share valuable content, similarly, you need to only answer their specific queries. Yes, you'll have to focus much on the keywords that people are generally searching for nowadays. Trust me, this will help you gain the attention of traffic on your site.

Strategy #4: Create Only Valuable Content

Creating informative and accurate content is not only vital for the consumer but also for the business itself. Your content should be focused on addressing the issues that a lot of people are facing. And keep in mind that your content should be consistent. Once the pandemic has passed, you shouldn’t abandon it as this will leave a bad impression on your business and it will have a negative impact on your business.

Strategy #5: Optimize Your Website For Different Channels

Since people have nowhere to go nowadays, they prefer spending more and more time on the internet. This means that they'll be spending their time on different social media sites, and different channels. Well, you've gotten a website too, right? What's stopping you from optimizing your website for different channels to grab the attention of prospective customers?

Truly, this is one of the easy and functional crisis marketing strategies that you can opt for.

Strategy #6: Refine Your SEO Strategy

If you’ve refined your SEO strategies, marketing your product during a crisis will not be a problem at all. For this, all you need to do is put some money into your SEO campaign, get related keywords, and get ready to optimize them.

It is highly suggested that you maintain a good ranking on search engines because this is the only way a potential customer will be able to see your name among other companies on the SERP.

Further, it is recommended that you must give a read to our onsite blog that explains how directories can be a part of your effective and successful local SEO strategy.

Strategy #7: Create A Wholesome Customer Experience

Well, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re getting on your business website, if you can’t convert them into customers. For this, you might need to change the layout of your website or provide top of the line customer support so that the customers can easily buy from you the services or product that they require.

Creating a wholesome customer experience will enable your business to get a vote of confidence.

Strategy #8: Gather Data That Is Bound To Work

Now let’s suppose that you’ve planned out a great business marketing strategy during the crisis, you need to keep a check on what’s working and what’s not providing results. You can never be 100% sure that a marketing strategy will work. This is why it is highly recommended that you keep a couple of strategies in the streamline. If one fails, you should start working on the second one.

Strategy #9: Understanding The Challenges The Customer Face 

Before you market your product or service in a specific area, you need to keep in mind that whether your product or service will be able to solve the problem of your customers or not. For example, if they’re of no use for the customer, you are just wasting your time and money.

As we know that almost all of the businesses are being affected financially by the Covid-19, it is highly recommended that you clearly understand the challenges that the customers are facing and come up with a creative brand marketing strategy that makes you stand apart from your competitors.

Strategy #10: Learning How To Communicate With Customer

As we’ve mentioned above that you need to stay in touch with your customers by all means. You have different options to stay connected with them. For example, you can create a social media profile, email them, or even communicate with them through letters.

Keep in mind that this pandemic is temporary, and if you stay connected with your customers in hard times; they’ll for sure consider your business too.

Strategy #11: Get Listed On Business Directories

One of the best and cost-effective way of marketing a business during a crisis is to get listed on different business listing directories. You need to make sure that the information you're uploading on them regarding your business is as accurate as possible.

Getting listed on high-authority business sites will help you get much-needed traffic and also their SEO will benefit you in ranking faster.

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Strategy #12: Be Very Adaptive

Even the marketing experts do not know what change will be brought for the search engine ranking next. This means that you should never rely on a single marketing strategy. You need to revamp them whenever a change has been announced.

Search engine experts never reveal what way the new algorithm will opt to rank the websites. It is up to you to learn what’s working the best for you.

Strategy #13: Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

During the smart lockdown, we’ve seen that a huge number of people have started to shop online with the help of their mobile phones and smart devices. This means that if your business website is not optimized for mobile-end users, then you are missing out on a whole bunch of customers. It is highly suggested that you optimize your online presence for all the mobile users out there.

Strategy #14: Affiliate Marketing

Do you want your customers to bring in more customers? You just need to provide your existing customers a bit of incentive for every product or service they sell, or even when they bring a new customer to your business. The incentive does not need to be expensive. It should be enough to make your existing customer happy.

Final Words

If you do not have the time to manage your business even during the lockdown, you always have the option to outsource it. Just make sure that you’re getting the desired results. And don’t forget to change your marketing strategy according to the changing trends of the search engine.

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