Common Question To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractors

Common Question To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractors

You might have heard that a roof upon property is the most important component, right? But do you why it’s like that? Don’t worry about it, today, we’ll be discussing a bit about the importance of a good roof along and what questions you need to ask when it comes to finding and hiring one of the top roof repair contractors in your general vicinity. 

So, basically, your roof is the part of the house that stands in between the interior of your house and the exterior side. As a matter of fact, it acts as a barrier against external elements such as rainfall, snow, debris, and dust. And if your roof is damaged or is not in a fit condition, you can also expect the roof to become a victim of water damage, which is why you'll have to face issues such as mold and mildew growth. Yes, even the slightest leak in the roof of your house or your office building is a major concern. You’ll have to address such issues right away by hiring the best local roof repair contractors in Fairfax VA

Important Reasons To Keep The Roof In A Good Shape

Keep in mind that the roof is one of the imperative part of a property. Getting it regularly inspected is a wise choice. And still, if you are not compelled with this idea, read on below to learn about the major reasons why you need to keep your roof in a good shape all year round. 

  • Protection From Adverse Weather

Let's suppose that if your roof is in bad shape; it'll leave your roof more vulnerable to weather damage. But when the roof is maintained and is in tip-top condition, it will protect you, your family, and the interior of the house from bad weather. 

  • Conserves Energy 

Have you been noticing lately a rise in your energy bills? The reason might be poor roof insulation or improper ventilation. These two factors could be the culprits of the spike in the bills. If the roof is damaged, it will not let the interior temperature to stay steady for a longer period of time, which is why your HVAC system would have to work more in order to keep the temperature to an optimum level. A well-maintained roof will cut down the bills. 

  • Protects From Costly Issues

As soon as you notice that something is wrong with your roof, you need to call and hire one of the leading roof repair contractors near you to address the issues. Why? This is because you’ll be now reducing the chances of serious damages in the long-run. If you fail to address even the smallest issues early, they’ll turn into a larger and more costly issue promptly. 

  • Visually Appealing

If your roof has become a victim of water damage or has mold and mildew growth issues; your roof will be an eyesore for you and the people walking by. Remember that your roof should always look beautiful and should be well-maintained at all times. 

  • Health Concerns Are Minimized

A water-damaged roof will allow mold and mildew to grow on the interior and the exterior side of the house. The growth of such containment scan lead to health-related issues as well. Mold and mildew will not only increase the cost of repair but will also make the people living inside seriously ill. 

  • Increase The Value Of The House

This is one of the reasons why you need to keep your roof in good condition. If you're planning to sell the house in the near future, you need to get your roof repaired by the professional local roof repair contractors in Fairfax VA. A well-maintained and newly installed roof will increase the resale value of your house. No doubt, you'll be getting a higher ROI by just maintaining your roof. 

Now that you’ve learned the importance of a good roof, it’s time for you to hire one of the expert roof repair contractors. But, the market has been saturated. How will you be able to find one of the best company that meets all your needs and requirements in the best possible way? 

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roof Repair Expert

When it comes to finding and hiring a roofing contractor, it can be for sure a daunting and tedious ordeal. But, it is never an impossible process. In order to be able to hire one of the best roofing specialists for roof repair, you need to ask the right questions. And they are: 

Question #1: Will You Protect My Property? 

Firstly, you need to ask the roofing experts what tools and equipment will they be using and where will they keep them. This will give you an assurance that your property does not get damaged in any possible way.

Question #2: If The Weather Is Inclement, What Will You Do?

A roof repair project needs to be done in good weather. However, it can rain, snow or the weather can turn bad at any given time. So, what precautions will the experts take to avoid such an inconvenience? You need to ask and learn about it.  

Question #3: Are You Going to Give Written Estimates? 

Getting a written estimate will give you peace of mind that the upfront cost of the project will not be changed drastically after the project has been completed. But remember that the estimates will only be close to the actual cost of the project, they’re not fixed. 

Question #4: Who Will Answer My Concerns? 

Let's suppose that the roofer has called it a day, but you noticed that there are holes in the roof which are not covered. You'd want to know the reason behind it, right? But who'd you talk to in such a situation? You need to ask whether the project manager will answer all the queries or not.  

Question #5: Will there Be A Hidden Cost? 

A lot of roof repair contractors have the tendency to exploit their customers with hidden charges at the end of the project. In order to avoid the hidden cost, you need to ask the roofing specialist upfront before they start to work on the project.  

Question #6: Do You Provide Warranty? 

A roof repair without a warranty is just like asking for more trouble in the long-run. A company that does not offer a warranty for their work should not be trusted. 

Question #7: Do You Operate Locally? 

You need to hire a locally operated roofing company by all means. This is because in case of an emergency they’ll be able to respond quickly. And also, this will help you verify their workmanship as well.

Question #8: Where Will The Old Material Be Disposed? 

Do you know that you can be penalized by the local authorities if you do not dispose of the old roofing material properly? The company you're hiring for roof repair should be able to handle the disposal of the old roof as well. 

Question #9: What Materials Will Be Used? 

How will the local roof repair contractors in Fairfax VA by having access to your roof if you do not have stairs that lead to the roof? They should be fully equipped with all the required material to get the job done right. 

Question #10: Are You Going To Replace The Old Roof? 

If the roof is damaged beyond repair, most of the roofers will suggest getting the roof replaced at once. But a lot of roofers will lay down a roof on the existing one. This is why you need to ask the roofer whether they'll remove the old roof first and then install a new one or not. 

Question #11: What’s Your Working Experience?

A company that has been in the industry for many years with a good reputation will be able to proffer up to the mark services. It is a good practice to hire a company that has an ample amount of working experience. 

Question #12: Do You Have Liability Insurance? 

When you hire a roofer, you need to ask the roofer whether they have liability insurance or not. Liability insurance will help you in the events when your property gets damaged as a result of their services. Don't worry, you will not be held liable for the damages in any possible way. 

Question #13: Are You Fully Licensed? 

The roof repair contractors you’re planning to hire should be fully licensed and insured. Why? Because a license is an assurance that the roofers have undergone proper training and are certified to provide their services.

Question #14: Do You Have Workers’ Compensation?

If the roofer gets injured during the project, you could possibly be held liable for his medical expense. In order to protect yourself from such an expense, make sure you hire a roofer who has workers’ compensation. 


When it comes to hiring one of the professional roof repair contractors among the rest, you need to ask them the right questions. This way, you’ll come to know about their provision of work, their dedication towards their profession, and the average cost of your project. 

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