Top Smart Bathroom Technology Ideas To Smarten Up Your Personal Space

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Modern-day construction especially residential construction misses out on the much-needed smart bathroom technology. And it is a pity since a high-tech bathroom can elevate the worth and functionality of the place by multiple folds. 

Spare a minute and put some thought into the idea of a high-tech bathroom. If you live in a joint family or one with lots of children, the bathroom is one place where you can go to unwind and relax from all the badgering outside.

Besides, without a shred of a doubt the smart bathroom technology and a high-tech bathroom can uplift the value of your property by multiple folds, attracting buyers with desirable bids.

In fact, studies reveal that more than 75% of young buyers keep an eye out for smart homes including high-tech bathrooms when investing in a property. 

But, here is the million-dollar question, how can one inculcate the smart bathroom technology in their personal space to convert a regular bathroom into a high-tech bathroom. So, during your next affordable bathroom remodeling, ask your designer to provide you the features that we will discuss ahead. 

How to switch your conventional bathroom into a high-tech bathroom?

This article will not list down the particular products and brands, however, will give you broad-spectrum ideas to nudge your creative side. From there, you and your designer can sit and jot your heads together to come up with groundbreaking ideas for your high-tech bathroom equipped with smart bathroom technology.  

However, it is imperative to just say one thing outrightly before we begin, any smart technology requires some brainstorming before you fit it into your home. Think about your family’s needs and then go ahead with the ideas. Do not let go of the practicality aspect. 

The Voice Command Smart Bathroom Technology

Almost half of the American population takes help from Apple’s Sir and Amazon’s Alexa when connected to the internet. Yes, even in the bathroom! 

The main perk of having your virtual assistant in your high-tech bathroom is that you can safely leave your handheld devices outside. You can auto-adjust the lighting, temperature of the water, answer your phones, perhaps play your favorite music while you lay in the bathtub, simply by asking Alexa.

The Smart Showers

Do you also have that annoying shower that scalds down burning water one moment and icy freezing the next? Seriously, man, you need to invest in smart bathroom technology that installs a digital shower.

In a high-tech bathroom, smart glowing LED lights will tell you when the temperature has crossed the safety limit rather than you having to burn your skin.  

Do not take this feature simply for the sake of a high-tech feature in a fancy bathroom, look at it from a practical perspective. When your children are in the shower, a poor water temperature controller is a huge hazard.

On the other hand, smart showers in a high-tech bathroom come equipped with digitally operated valves that switch on LED lights as the temperature goes beyond the safety value. This light goes white and then blue indicating that the water is now at a safe temperature. 

Smart Bathroom Technology With The Soaking Tubs

The conventional shower is a given in every bathroom, but what about when after a long tiring day at work or after house chores you desire a relaxing soaking bath in the bathtub? 

It is for such desires and luxuries that soaking tubs are designed. In fact, without soaking tubs, you cannot even have a space equipped with smart bathroom technology. 

Get your soaking tub, light your favorite scented candles, ask Alexa to play some relaxing music, get a bubble bath going, and simply soak yourself until your muscles unwind. Advanced smart bathroom technology now offers air baths that pump air inside the water to provide a feeling of a natural hot spring.  

The Smart Bathroom Technology Smart Water Faucets

The smart bathroom technology even offers the convenience of digital faucets. These smart faucets not only offer convenience but help you conserve the planet’s scarce resource, water. You can save your water bills and do the environment a huge favor at the same time. 

These smart water faucets reduce the water flow and maintain the temperature smartly. Not only you can get the job done in less water but fewer energy resources will be used to warm up the water right when needed. You do not have to wait for ages for hot water to come. 

The touchless smart bathroom technology that you get fascinated by in five-star bathrooms at hotels and malls is now available for residential use as well. With the sensor technology, the hot or cold water will automatically fall from the faucet. This is great for social distancing as well.  

Moreover, this smart bathroom technology can help you save a lot on your monthly expenditure over the years. Besides, you can teach your children the importance of conserving water while they wash their face, brush their teeth, etc. 

After all, as human beings, we have a responsibility towards our planet and future generations as well. 

A High-Tech Bathroom Mirrors

The last feature on our list is the smart bathroom technology mirror. Get smart mirrors that contain mist and light controllers. Such smart tech mirrors have other features as well like time and weather updates. While probably the expensive ones will have Android installed to make them even smarter.

Get Pros At Work!

You can ask your remodeling expert to inculcate the smart bathroom technology features within the design. No, we are not enforcing the decor ideas, you can go with your personal tastes and palettes.  But this includes upgrading the bathroom fixtures, such as replacing your water taps with smart faucets. Find local remodelers on HighFive Listings and contact them to know if they have experience in designing, remodeling, or constructing a high-tech bathroom.

All in all, when remodeling or upgrading your home, where you focus on the kitchen, the bedrooms, the exterior, the garage, do not neglect the most important and the most functional place in your home, the bathrooms! 

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