12 Window Treatment Ideas To Spice Up Even The Most Boring Of Interiors!

Window Treatment Ideas

In case it has not occurred to you, window treatments can be the focal point of your house décor. Given the right colors, sizes, and textures, you can benefit from window treatment ideas in several ways. Be it privacy, aesthetic appeal, noise reduction, or light control, you can ace all of them together. For most of us, window treatments act as the punctuating finishes to room décor. While another way is to start with selecting a perfect window covering and build the aesthetics around it!  

The best idea will not only serve the function of complimenting your style but can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

If you are planning to redecorate your home, discover the timeless ideas for window coverings for your home.

#1 Contrasting Colored Back Curtains

From traditional to transitional window designs, contrasting color-backed curtains work well for all of them.  Look for colored drapes that lend a distinctive and warm look to your house. You can pick the color from a prominent furniture item or your favorite piece of wall art to get inspiration for window treatment ideas. Go for colors you will not get bored off easily. Strong colors juxtaposed with neutral colors give a stylishly layered look. Pair these curtains with minimal fitting to achieve a polished finish.

#2 Printed Batik Fabric

When you have got clean and minimal spaces, window treatment ideas can lend the much-needed character. Bold and vividly printed batik makes an unexpected take on the interior designs. For those who don’t know batik is a fabric dyed with the resist painting process. With its roots being Malaysia, it is equally adored in all parts of the world.

#3 Luxurious Austrian Shades

With the romantic ruching and delicate layers, Austrian shades add instant elegance and drama to any room. Design experts consider this as a decadent option from several other window treatment ideas for simple house designs because it evokes the old-world charm and allure to the living space. Even the most minimal spaces can look grand and opulent when they are punctuated with the texture and visual play of Austrian shades.

#4 Silk Shades Or Curtains

Are you a fan of folk stories with magnificent castles and silky drapes? Well, you can bring the magic to your home with silk shades or curtains. The reflective nature of silk adds an element of understated luxury you will love. Although it is one of the expensive ideas for window coverings, it’s worth the cost. You can add more drama by choosing silk shades with stunning patterns.

#5 Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

Do you have a nautical-themed room or a beach house? Ideas for window coverings are limited. Luckily, they look stunning with bamboo roll-up blinds. But it can look great with almost any house design due to its neutral and natural aesthetic appeal. Without being too heavy or imposing in your space, they can block out plenty of light. Pair up the window treatment of bamboo shades or blinds with indoor plants to bring the natural scenic inside the house. It needs a little more effort when it comes to maintenance but they can be easily replaced.

#6 All White Shades

Do you love bright white interiors? You have got a lot of company. All white shades or blinds have been among the most popular window treatment ideas for decades. It’s perfect for keeping your space airy, clean, bright, and spacious. If you want to keep the look classic and simple, opt for white shades. For more dramatic interiors, opt for breezy white curtains flowing beside windows. They look ethereal!

#7 Layered Curtains

If you are looking for ultra-luxurious ideas for window coverings, one layer just isn't enough. Opt for multiple layers of curtains for decadent layered window treatments. Although they look perfect in almost every room, layered window treatment ideas look great in the bedroom in particular. You can team up a sumptuously patterned material and minimal blinds in corresponding bold colors. When installed right, they instill a luxurious opulence no one can resist adoring!

#8 Cellular Or Honeycomb Shades

For those who live in areas with extreme temperatures, window treatment ideas should address the heat transfer issues. If you are looking for window treatments with insulating properties, cellular shades might just be the answer. They can help keep the heat inside during winters and outside during summers because the cells can trap air forming an insulating layer. It’s one of the best innovative ideas for window coverings as it takes a little visual space but imparts a stylish look.

#9 Roman Shades

Let’s not leave out the classics. Clean and simple being one of the biggest trends in window treatments, varieties of Roman shades are nowhere to go. It’s a popular window treatment option because Romans shades are available in a wide variety of colors and transparencies. Think about the level of privacy you need in your home to find the right kind of shades at affordable costs.

#10 Wood Shutters

Do you want to lend a vintage feel to your space without but running short of ideas for window coverings? Dark wood shutters can serve the purpose well. They are easy to install, maintain and replace. They look great in neutral and all-white rooms giving the much-needed definition and sleek lines. Wood shutters are one of the most expensive yet very popular custom-made window treatment ideas.

#11 Elegant Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are among the classic window treatment ideas that go well with almost every house style. If you want to control the natural light in your house without blocking it out entirely, go for sheer shades. Floor-to-ceiling sheer ivory drapes can brighten up any room instantly!

#12 Motorized Shades

Are you looking for tech-savvy ideas for window coverings? Installing motorized window shades is a smart solution. It gives you better control over the privacy, ambiance, and safety of your home. And you can handle all of the functions with your smartphone.

If you are unable to find picture-perfect window coverings off the shelf, custom-made curtains are always an option. If you need professional help, find companies for blinds and shades on HighFive Listings.

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