Dryer Repair Near Clinton MD | Other services include Residential Lights Repair

Dryer Repair Service

Are you looking for a dryer repair near Clinton MD? For a flawless dryer repair service, you can rely on HKH Services LLC located in Clinton MD. With all our repair services available at a single ring, we are reputed to provide repair services at an affordable process and quality workmanship. You don’t have to worry about the water dripping from your clothes as you take them out. Our dryer will work miracles after we have fixed it. Call us!

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Washer Repair Near Clinton MD | We also serve commercial lights repair

Washer Repair Service

Your search for washer repair near Clinton MD comes to an end here! Engage professional washer repair service from HKH Services LLC in Clinton MD to clean all your clothes in a flash. When you are fed up with incompetent repair services, access a reliable source and let us fix it for you in a flash. From fixing the air tub to the air dome seal and center post gasket we will repair your washer from inside out. You can trust us to do the job right the first time around. Give us a call!

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Light Installation For Office Clinton MD | Residential Light Installer | Lights Repairing Service

Light Installation For Home And Office

HKH Services LLC in Clinton MD is here to light up your home and office. You will be able to highlight each and every corner of your living and workspace by bringing out its best features. If you need a complete light installation service in a newly constructed commercial building, we can offer you a number of options that will brighten up your office while keeping the cost under your budget. Don’t lose daylight and dial our digits to get our services at low a light installation cost! We also offer professional light repair for offices or call us for the best light repair service for home.

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HKH Services LLC

(5.0)2 Reviews

Love the work done by HKH. I don’t have to worry about a single wet cloth after getting my dryer fixed.

(5.0)By John D KimbroDate: 06-18-2020

I was getting so fed up with repairing my dryer again and gain until I called HKH. I haven’t had a single problem after getting I fixed from them.

(5.0)By Steven S RossDate: 01-15-2020

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